Crystal Points

Crystal points provide focus for energy flow. They can be used in a variety of ways, from crystal grids to energy healing. Below are a few ways in which you can use crystal points. 

Home or work place 

Place your crystal point in your space with the intention of absorbing and clearing energy. The crystal will raise the vibration of your space. 

Healing work and points 


To direct energy away from the body (ie unwanted energy) place the point facing outwards. 

To direct energy into the body, place the point facing towards the body. 


You can use points in specific areas of the body to maximise the energy flow. 

Meditating with points 


Holding a point or using a crystal grid during meditation is also a fantastic way to work with your crystal and harness it's energy. The point will draw it's energy into your space allowing for a deeper connection. 

Manifesting with points 


Great for working with the new and full moon. Write down your intentions and place your crystal point on top of the paper allowing the point to project your dreams and wishes into the universe. Keep your point here as a reminder of your intentions. It will set as a daily reminder and strengthen the manifestation.