Meet Sharon from Soul Purpose (that's ME, Madeleine!). Sharon became a good friend of mine through a mutual business contact about two years ago. We bonded over crystals, candles and all things holistic. I then had my first past life regression with Sharon and since then she has become what I call my spiritual advisor! Sharon has a wealth of knowledge in this department and I am in constant awe! 




A qualified and insured chakra practitioner and past life regressionist. Sharon also offers a range of fantastic courses (such as ‘crystals for beginners’) and personal developmental programs (One of which I did earlier this year and I can tell you, it was incredible!!). From sound healing, to chakra readings to oracle card readings....

...I have had many a card reading from Sharon and let me tell you, I always come away feeling much lighter, more focused and with more understanding. I LOVE having card readings with Sharon. Not only is Sharon incredibly intuitive but she is also very grounded. Not “woo woo” in the slightest - a term neither of us like much! 

I knew we would end up working together in some way and this is just the start....

This Christmas

we have teamed up to offer Sharon's Oracle Card Reading sessions to create an even more magical gift set. Choose from the HOOF & PAW candle collection or Christmas Candle which are sold in my luxury rose gold gift boxes where the gift voucher will be proudly sitting inside :)  

You may also purchase a gift voucher for this separately which will be delivered to you via email. 

These are 1/2 an hour 1-2-1 sessions via zoom. 

What to expect?

My personal experience with Sharon:

Get yourself set up with ZOOM prior with the link provided by Sharon.

Sharon will ask what you’d like guidance on. This could be ANYTHING! In any area of life, personal, work or home related. It could even be a generic reading, allowing any messages you might need to come through. 

I've asked all things and have always come away feeling better for it, with more understanding and more focus. That is my experience and I am sure everyone has a slightly different one :) 

Oracle Card Reading 

"Intuitive readings to assist with breaking through blockages, shifting perspective and creating profound new growth. Using  Oracle cards, I will provide you with readings to offer clarity and guidance on any issues or concerns that you may have and aspects of your energy that need attention to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing." - Sharon 

For more information on Sharon’s services head HERE