On a mission to capture the most positive, magical energy with the ability to release it into our spaces and everyday lives. Using only natural ingredients - Essential oils, soy wax (European) and the most beautiful ethically sourced crystals from around the world. 




HOOF & PAW has been part of a whirlwind four years, it's led to a complete change of pace, different lifestyle and a whole lot of love.

My name is Madeleine, the owner and founder of HOOF & PAW and I now live in Oxfordshire with my family. 

In 2016 I was a single lady, left London and jumped on a plane with a one way ticket to Australia. I had absolutely no plan in place! It wasn't until I was on the plane (after selling all my furniture, my car and leaving my job and friends) that I wondered what the hell I was doing with myself. Six months later, I found out and it was pretty great.

HOOF & PAW was inspired by this trip which led to so many great things, including meeting my fiance and then two years later having our beautiful boy, Alfie. Australia has a lot to answer for! 

I instantly fell in love with the energy in Australia and I longed to be able to package it up and take it home. So, I set about creating a completely natural product with essential oils which could not only capture positive energy but have the ability to release it into our spaces. It took about nine months and with lots and lots of testing, I launched in 2017. 

My overall aim is to spread a little bit of love and light into the world, one candle at a time. 

Designed, blended and hand poured myself, I know exactly what goes into each candle and the energy that surrounds it. Good vibes only. 

Madeleine x  


Image above: 2021 on our honeymoon in the Lake District.  


I get asked this question all the time, why HOOF & PAW? Well, it is all in the name of love, light and magic.

I met my now husband (as of 2021!), Chris just three days before flying to Australia with that one way ticket. 

We spoke every day with the determination to make it work. All topics were covered, including the well known topic of..'If you could be any animal what would you be?....' 

I chose a Unicorn and Chris chose a Wolf. In these new forms we'd have to walk hoof in paw, no hand holding!

A few months later Chris surprised me with two certificates. He had bought two stars. He named one HOOF and the other PAW and told me "no matter where we are in the world, no matter how lonely or far apart, just look up into the stars and know I'm always with you"

The candle designs had already started by that point and a name was needed which stood the test of time so...

...you could say the name was written in the stars!

These beautiful stars will always be looking over us, always together, magical and filled with light and love. This is what my candles represent, a candle filled with love and light with the aim to harness that magical energy and use it through our daily lives.




 Images above: From one, to two, to three. My family :) 



Hand poured with 100% soy wax and natural essential oils, the crystals are hand selected and each paired with essential oil blends to harness and enhance its' magic.  

Crystals have been used for centuries and in cultures all over the world to enhance balance and positivity into our lives. Everything we can see and feel has an energy so it’s no wonder that crystals, being millions of years old have extraordinary energy with each one emitting a unique vibration. 

HOOF & PAW’s essential oils have been carefully selected to compliment the hand selected crystals used to enhance it’s “magic” into your life.

Only natural essential oils are used in HOOF & PAW candles.

Essential oils are naturally occurring substances found in different parts of plants. Research on aroma reveals that we respond emotionally more to smell than to any of our other senses. Because of this, aromatherapy enables us to benefit from the special properties of pure essential oils. 

Soy wax is natural, non- toxic and made of vegetable oil. It is a much healthier option for ourselves and those around us.

Our full candle range can be found here on our online store, as well as ETSY and ORGANICS.COM. We are also stocked in various independent boutiques, spas, salons around the UK. 



Images above: My office (so in love with it!) and my workshop space