Green Aventurine Tumble Stone

  • £3.55

Green Aventurine tumble stone with a white gift bag and information card. 

Size: 2cm x 2cm (Approx) 

Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity, creativity and career success. It balances and opens the heart chakra, bringing emotional calm. It protects against electromagnetic and environmental pollutants and is also a great crystal to protect your emotional energy from what I call energy vampires. No more feeling drained! Green Aventurine is also a great stone for all those empaths out there who are easily effected by other peoples energy. 

'Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and one of the premier crystals for attracting luck, abundance and success. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness but also teaches that you do not have to be successful in the eyes of the world to enjoy a fulfilling life. 

This stone shows you that "failure" is not a mistake, but rather part of the learning process- it helps you to value what you have and encourages you to try again, setting achievable goals instead of indulging in pipe dreams. 

Green Aventurine assists you to recognise (and overcome) and inner feelings of lack or "poverty consciousness", that may be holding you back. This supportive stone releases your reliance on other people, showing you that You Can Do It. If you need to step outside your comfort zone, Green Aventurine increases your confidence and helps you to become your true self. ' Judy Hall, The Little Book of Crystals. 

Heart Chakra 


Green Aventurine is used particularly when dealing with matters of the heart. Your heart chakra colour is green so it's no wonder the energy vibration of this beautiful stone works so well with the heart chakra. It's a heart healer, comforter, harmoniser and protector of the heart. It works with you to unblock any emotional issues, soothing emotional wounds or heartache. Place Green Aventurine on your heart when working with your heart chakra.