Sodalite Large Tumble Stone

  • £3.50

Large Sodalite Tumble Stone, which comes with a white gift bag and information card. 

3cm x 2cm (approx) 

A relatively new gemstone, Sodalite was originally discovered in Greenland in 1809.

Its' energy emits inspiration, creativity, focus and clear communication. Sodalite gemstones bring about a "glass half full" perspective to any situation. Sodalite is also known as the 'poets stone' due to its ability to enhance positive communication, a negativity filter and positive thought process which is all key for writers.

Using Sodalite can open and balance the flow of energy through your throat chakra.

Information card reads: 

Sodalite holds the energy to attract: 

Strength & Courage 



Positive Communication 

Determination & Focus