Doing an Oracle Card Birthday Spread

It was my birthday last week and normally I do a very generic birthday oracle card spread. However, this year I decided to be more specific with my questions as I pulled out each card. It was a great reading so wanted to share these questions with you too! 

As with any oracle card reading, the intention behind what you want to know is very important. 

This is a three card spread. 

Before each shuffle, place your hand over your chosen card deck, ask the question and then shuffle. If a card falls out, that's the card for you. Otherwise, just stop when you feel the need and pull the top one from the pack. You might feel inclined to pull a card from the middle, that's ok too. Go with what you're guided to do. 

Card One 
Shuffle and ask: 
What wisdom and lesson can I bring through from my last year to this year? 

Card Two
Shuffle and ask: 
What next steps and guidance can you give me for right now? 

Card Three
Shuffle and ask:
What message do you have for me going into this new year around the sun? 


I hope this spread brings joy to your special day and your messages are filled with an abundance of love. 

Remember, the message might not be immediately obvious. Look at the picture, take your time, what feel do you get from the image, from the colours? Your Oracle deck with always come with a booklet with more information about your card. Sometimes I find that there is just one sentence in there which resonates beyond all the others. I then know, that's the message I needed to know. 

Sometimes, when I need more clarification on something, I ask the cards for more clarification on a particular card and then pull another one to see what it says. Other times, I take a photo, leave it a few days and then come back to it. Although, I am not the most patient of people for that! 

Sending love, 


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