Get ritual ready for the upcoming NEW MOON 8th May

The New Moon in Taurus is 8th May and is all about setting intentions. 

So let’s get prepared! I am posting all this a week before the New Moon so you have time to purchase any candles or crystals that you need.

The wonderful Stevie, astrologer, life coach and guide, is (I'm very excited about this) now going to be gifting us with all the info we need for the moon cycles. I will also tailor the months with rituals to use with your crystals and candles to help you get the most out of the energies. 

So…with all that said, lets talk about the New Moon in Taurus on the 8th May. 

‘A new moon in Taurus promotes practicality, stability, and a focus on material well-being. It's a time to set intentions related to financial security, physical comfort, and personal values. Embrace your sensual side and approach your goals with determination and a grounded perspective.’ 

This new moon isn’t one to play with. It’s one to ground into what truly brings you pleasure. The only person that can determine that is you.

It’s about slowing down and enjoying the process of the creation. The unfolding. Aries season was all about setting those big goals of what you desire. Taurus season is here for you think about your environment in which you nourish yourself.

This moon places an emphasis on you prioritising what brings you joy. This new moon is gifting you an opportunity to tune into your body around how you feel receiving + allowing new manifestations into your experience.

Taurus season is about just this growing + creating sustainable habits for your soul + dreams to thrive. Gifting you the ability to trust and receive.’



You can really harness the energy of this New Moon by working with the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra and Taurus New Moon energy go hand in hand. 

I created the ’Comfort’ candle to work with the Root Chakra energies. It works by bringing through specific energies to support you and strengthen the work that you are already doing. It helps by balancing and strengthening all things related to comfort, your surroundings, feeling financially stable, secure, calm and grounded. 

Simply light this candle a few days before and a few days after the Taurus New Moon Energy and allow the magic to unfold. 

Read more or purchase the candle here 


Light your ‘Comfort’ Root Chakra candle whilst creating your New Moon intentions. 

Write on a piece of paper any intentions and goals relating to money, material well-being, physical comforts. Really take note of what brings you joy and passion around these topics, they are what you will want to focus on. 

Set key goals which are achievable to move forwards. Break them down into weekly targets.

Place this paper under your candle when you’re finished. This will allow the energy of the candle to ground your intentions. The flame also acts as a beacon and lighthouse, allowing the universe to hear your wishes. 

Click here to read more and purchase the 'Comfort' candle in time for next week's New Moon! 


Use these affirmations alongside your candle. Choose one from the list or create your own. Every time you light your candle, repeat the affirmation. The flame of the candle will intensity your words. Repeat this affirmation as many times a day as you can. However, your candle is your anchor, allow it to remind you when you walk past it. 

I am open to unlimited abundance. 

My dreams and wishes are being taken care of. 

My actions are leading me to financial abundance. 

I feel secure, safe and content. 

My home is my sanctuary. 

My passions bring me joy and comfort. 

My passion brings me financial abundance. 


Card one: What is the first step I can take towards my goal 

Card two: How will it feel when I reach my goal? 

Card three: What can I reprioritise in my week to allow me to have more space to work towards my goal? 

See what oracle cards are available here 


'As your astrologer, life coach and guide, my aim is to bring you back home to your truth, desires and purpose - back into fullest expression of your spirit, self belief, confidence, clarity, power and align you with the wisdom that lives within you.'

Stevie is an astrologist, life coach and guide who works closely with the moon cycles, combining your own unique charts to create your dream lives. Stevie offers 1-2-1 astrology readings, group online and in person moon circles as well as a monthly moon membership. 

Head to her website to book a 1-2-1 astrological reading!


I hope you've enjoyed this, let me know :) More of these to come! 

Sending love, Madeleine x

To purchase the Root Chakra candle in time for next weeks New Moon, click here 

Link to oracle cards here

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