What does 'Grounding' mean?

What does ‘grounding’ mean? 

You might have heard this phrase quite a lot. It relates directly to our root chakra, but what does it mean?

I personally relate the needing to ‘ground’ when I’m feeling too in my head, a bit dizzy and feeling scattered. This is when the energy is all up the top of my body, generally in my head and above and I need to balance it out with ‘grounding’ at the base. However, there is more to ‘grounding’….

Grounding is very simply, connecting to the Earth. It’s just as important as getting our daily sun quota which supplies us with vital vitamins. There’s been lots of research around the health and spiritual benefits around this now (I’ll link a website and documentary on this is you’re interested). 

If you think about how we live in society today, it’s not that often that our feet physically touch the ground anymore. Not like our ancestors would have experienced. Being a living being of the earth it seems quite insane that we are so physically disconnected now. We have lost how to work with the natural rhythms of the earth, which in turn helps with our spiritual, mental and physical health. 

Grounding pulls the energy straight into our Root chakra. Our root chakra is based at the bottom of our spine and is connected with pulling through the energies of the earth.  

The root chakra is the called the first chakra for a reason. The energy flows through here first and then goes upwards. To get this chakra fully charged , open and flowing will give you a great base start. It lays the foundations to build on all the other chakras. You need a good base and this is why starting to work with the Root chakra first is key. 

Benefits of Grounding -  I am focusing on the spiritual benefits here. 

  • You feel more balanced.  
  • You feel more connected with your body. Allowing you to pinpoint what your body needs quicker (ie, certain foods, water etc) 
  • You feel more calm and stable. 
  • Feeling mentally lighter and feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions 
  • Feeling more grounded will help with emotionally charged situations and bring through a more rational and calming perspective. 

How to Ground

The best way to ground is to physically get your feet on the ground or to be outside and touching the earth in some way. 

However, that’s not always possible, so there are also a variety of techniques and products out there today which can help in other ways. For example: 

  • Do a grounding mediation (lots on you tube) 
  • Root chakra affirmations. 
  • Grounding crystals such as, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Hematite, Smokey Quartz, Black Onyx (Shop crystals here)
  • Light your Root chakra candle-  I have created this candle specifically to work with our Root chakra, which connects directly with the earth. This candle brings through the energy of a barefoot woodland walk. Its earthy and grounding fragrance use essential oils of Benzoin Frankincense and Vetiver. (Read more on this candle, here) 
  • You can also use your candle along with this grounding visualisation (see my blog on this 5min visualisation technique here) 

'Comfort' - Essential Oil Root Chakra Candle to help with grounding 
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I feel like the root chakra can be somewhat overlooked because the idea of connecting to the the mystical and magical is much more exciting. This part of connection sits higher up in the third eye and crown chakra. However, to really enhance those spiritual gifts and abilities, starting with the root will enhance those ten fold. Don’t forget, lay the foundations first. 

I hope that was useful, sending love, Madeleine x 

Link to documentary here  

5 min grounding visualisation here 

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