Mini Shower Ritual

With all this chat of Spring cleaning our homes it's important not forget ourselves!

There are many many rituals you can do but this one I do now almost without thinking, its super simple, fun and beautifully magical all at the same time! 

1. First, you want to set the intention:

"Any energies which are not serving me are to be washed away. I fill myself up with the purest love and light, feeling refreshed and bright again".

(This is especially great to do if you’ve had a tiring, stressful or just icky day!)

2. Water is powerful, just as powerful as fire and wind. Water doesn’t need to burn away the stagnant energies but literally wash it away. Clearing and cleansing as it goes.

3. As you envision the water washing away all the ick…..(some of you may able to visually see the ick washing off of you in your minds eye OR you might feel the heaviness dissipate down the drain. It doesn’t matter if it’s neither of those things because as long as you have that intention, it’s working.

Do this for as long as you need to...and for the fun part…

4. you visualise this (this is with thanks to my friend Karina who I lived with for a short time)….you SHOWER SING...’WASH IT AWAY, WASH IT DOWN THE DRAIN’.It's so good, so fun and it works for me! Rituals don't always have to be so serious ;) next is the magic…

5. Once you are done and you’re ready to get out, step over the threshold and imagine you walk into the most beautiful waterfall of rainbow light.

The shimmering light of colour is so pure. You stand under it, soaking up this rainbow of colour, light and sparkle.

Let the light fill you up from your head to your toes. Allow the colours to absorb into your aura and deep into your soul. Stand there for as you as you like (grab a towel if you're chilly ;) )

6. All done

Super quick, really beautiful and hopefully you'll feel refreshed, clean and energetically charged again.

Tip: Candles to pair with this ritual (either in the shower or as you get out)- ANY but my instincts go with Sodalite. It's essential oils are very fresh, very light, grounded and yet connected to source all at the same time!

The Sodalite candles (large and small available) 

Link HERE 

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