Manifestation Ritual with the Citrine Candle

As part of Citrine Candle week I wanted to include a lovely jubbly manifestation ritual for you to use alongside your candle. 

Citrine is a great crystal to use for manifestation and in particular, abundance. So give it a go and let me know how you get on! 

1. As you light your candle, recite your affirmation 

Examples: 'I am open to receive abundance and success'. 'My life is filled with light, joy and enthusiasm'. 

2. Gaze into the flame and envision a warm bright golden glow in your solar plexus (which is located just above your navel). 

3. This warm, bright golden glow gets brighter and bigger, eventually encompassing your entire body and out into the universe. 

4. Write down 3 intentions/ wishes/ desires/ goals. 

5. On the same piece of paper write down an action step towards each of these desires. What will your next step be to achieve this dreamy outcome. 

6. Place the paper underneath your candle. Let the flame anchor your wishes and intentions. Allow the crystal to amplify these words into the universe. 

Make sure you carry out those action steps and let me know how you get on! How would it feel for these wishes to come into fruition? 

Love always, Madeleine x 



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