Why do we feel the urge to light a candle when we've had a clean and tidy up?

My theory is this, most of us don’t even realise we are doing it.

Cleaning the house is something we all do, we clean out the dirt physically and energetically (even if you don’t realise it). We might even open to windows which energetically gives the energy somewhere to go. 

Whenever we do a clearing of any sort, be it physically or energetically we need to replace to stuff we’ve cleared with something high vibrational to fill it back up again. To give it its sparkle ✨

So, when we clean the house, some of us might instinctively sing as we go or play our favourite play list. It’s energetically filling up the space with high vibrational energy. Cleaning out the old, stagnant energy and replacing it with the new shiny sparkle stuff 💫

Lighting a candle after you’ve cleaned does the same thing! Not a synthetic candle though, please, that stuff is no good to anyone! You need a high vibrational candle, even if you don’t purchase one from me ;) make sure you know exactly what goes into the candle and if possible who makes them too. 

The light and energy from the candle will fill up your space again with the GOOD STUFF. Each of my candles has a different energy to it so choose whichever one resonates best to you. 

Have a lovely day, Spring cleaning mode is just around the corner I feel. 

Madeleine x 


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