What is an affirmation?

As many of you know, every candle from HOOF & PAW comes with a set of affirmations. I love affirmations and have used them for years. Last week I asked who used affirmations and who wanted to know more...it was 50/50 split.

So here is a little bit about affirmations, what they are and why they are used.


Affirmations are positive statements.

Scientific neuroscience studies have shown that the words and narratives we tell ourselves change the chemicals in our brain which has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves, this then impacts our wellbeing (and in turn, how we live our lives) and our mental health.   

Using affirmations in a positive way has been proven that when we change our thoughts, we change our brains, our cells and our genes! The daily thoughts we are telling ourselves change the way we think about ourselves (or situation) and in turn change the way we feel. Changing the way we feel then changes the way we act and therefore, WHAT we attract.

Some call it magic, some call it science and some call it the law of attraction. 

This isn’t a woo woo practice, it’s scientifically proven with some great research and results to back it up.

Energetically, energy is attracted to what we put out into the world. For example, if the narrative in our head is, ‘I have no money’ etc etc this is the energy we will continue to attract. Now I'm not saying, just speak out loud once 'I want to be rich' and it will happen...no, this is not the way to do it. We want to re- wire the negative narrative in our heads to the point where we will believe nothing but just the positive narrative. The negative may come and go and that's ok (we are human) but it won't hold space enough to make an impact. 

I have an example and one which I used a few years ago now when finances constantly seemed tight. 

I wrote myself an affirmation to get out of my head and change my mindset and energy. 

‘I am open to infinite abundance

I used this affirmation for about a month, every day, serval times a day. I used my candles which were incredibly powerful (candle ritual below) and I also used a gratitude journal. Every evening before I went to sleep, I would write down at least three things I was grateful for and then repeat my affirmation as many times as I felt necessary. 

A month later everything changed. I cannot tell you how much things changed! It works, my mindset changed, my energy changed and what I attracted changed. We can apply these affirmations to every aspect of our lives and incorporate them into our daily routines. 

The key thing is to connect with your words, if you don't believe your words, change them up a bit until it feels good and exciting, you want to feel excited by what you are saying to yourself - this tip here came from the incredible Becky Stanton! Becky does a masterclass on affirmations if anyone wanted to delve deeper into this! I'll leave the link in the comments. 


So why pair affirmations with candles?  

The energy of the crystals and the essential oils combined in your candle create a powerful energetic field which is harnessed by the flame of the candle. Affirmations alone are powerful but used alongside your H&P candle AMPLIFIES your words. Think of it like a mega phone, calling out into the universe and the flame anchoring back the response....which will always be YES. As the law of attraction says- what you put out there you shall receive. 

HOOF & PAW candles are a beacon of light between the energetic and physical world

Candle ritual for your affirmations 

Light your candle, focus on the flame repeat your affirmation as many times as you feel necessary, feel the power of these words and allow the energy of your intention, the crystal and the beautiful aroma surround you and your space. The flame acts as an anchor between the physical world and the energetic world.
Every time you walk past your candle (lit or not) use that as a kindly reminder to repeat your affirmation.

Below are some affirmations for your own use which are included with the candles (each candle comes with three/four affirmations of choice).

‘My mind, body and soul are relaxed’ - Amethyst candle

‘I express myself with confidence’ - Sodalite candle

‘I am open to receive abundance and success’ - Citrine candle

‘I embrace life with passion’ - Carnelian candle

‘I attract love of the highest good into my life’ - Rose Quartz candle

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  • Posted by Madeleine on

    Hi friends, if you really want to dig further into affirmations I’d highly recommend Becky Stantons affirmation masterclass. Here is the link: https://becky-stanton-8c8f.mykajabi.com/affirmations-masterclass

    Madeleine x

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