Chakra Balance | Get Your Motor Running | Plus FREE Meditation

By Sharon Whyte from Soul Purpose 

Our chakras are the energy centres located within our energetic body. Each chakra is responsible for an aspect of our human experience both good and bad. When the chakras become out of balance this creates blocks in the flow of energy through the chakra system and we run the risk of trapping this energy in areas of our body that can manifest as emotional and physical stress. In other words, when we are stuck emotionally, energy gets confined and cannot circulate or run its course.


Consider your energetic body like the engine of your car. In order for it to function to its maximum potential we need to maintain and regularly service the parts in order that the fuel can filter through correctly. Any dirt or debris which accumulates within the engines parts can cause a block, the fuel is unable to pass through and the car won't run. It is exactly the same for our energetic body. If we allow blocks to build up anywhere within the system, the energy is unable to flow freely and as a result we develop emotional and/or physical issues which reduce our performance.


"Running Energy" is an easy and effective way to clear through our energetic system and remove any surface blocks that are preventing the smooth flow. This can be done at anytime whenever you feel the need to clear through. Don't worry if you don't feel anything at first, just keep going and building the practice, the more times you repeat the exercise the more you will start to feel the benefits. Keep asking for the energy to come in and trust that it will be there.


You can read through the following steps or use the Mp3 recording shown below.


Top tip: Have the Mp3 version on your phone and you can tune in and follow the instructions, whenever and wherever you feel the need for it.

Find a comfortable seated position, close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath.

MP3 recording: CLICK HERE


Step 1: Establish a grounding link from the Root chakra.


Sit upright with your legs and arms uncrossed. Firmly place your feet flat on the floor. Visualise a beam of light travelling from your root chakra located at the base of the spine—directly down into the centre of the earth.


Step 2: Open your Crown chakra.


Visualise a beam of light travelling from the crown chakra—at the top of your head directly up, connecting with the divine energy.


Step 3: Connect with the present moment.


Repeat your full name out loud three times. Your name is unique to you. By repeating your name, you call yourself into the present moment.


Step 4: Establish grounding cords from the feet chakras.


Wake up the chakras on the bottom of your feet. With your feet still firmly planted, visualise beams of light travelling from their centre down to the earth’s core.


Step 5: Run earth energy.


Now that you have established cords from the root chakra and feet chakras, along with a cosmic cord from the crown, you are ready to pull earth energy up. Earth energy is forest green. Call this energy up from the centre of the earth and allow it to travel into the feet, up through the legs and torso and out the crown of your head, filling the outer layers of your energy body as far as the aura’s edge. The aura is the layers of energy that surround the physical body with an expanse as far as our arms stretched wide. Once the body and aura fill with this earth energy, allow it to flush down the grounding cord at the root chakra into the centre of the earth.


Step 6: Run forgiveness.


Forgiveness energy, is a translucent gold colour . Just as you did with the earth energy, pull forgiveness energy up through your feet, legs, and torso. Allow it to flow out the crown chakra, filling the aura. As it travels through, it pushes away energy that doesn’t serve our highest and best good, making room for our spirit. After you have filled the body and aura, once again let that energy release down the grounding cord into the centre of the earth. Repeat this step four times.


Run Your Energy


Once you’re grounded, you can pull energy through your chakras, cleansing them by running loops through the chakra system and removing blockages. You know better than anyone what it is that you need. Focus on the healing that you need in this moment, Bring that healing energy in visualising it as whatever colour you want and allow it to wash through your mind, body, spirit, and emotions so that you have the vitality necessary to radiate that same high-vibration energy outward.


Step 7: Run cosmic energies.


Grounding energies travel upward from the centre of the earth to fill us and wash down the grounding cord. In contrast, cosmic energies come in through the crown chakra at the crown of the head and travel downward through the chakras. They go into the grounding cord and end their journey at the centre of the earth. I recommend running these energies four times each, and imagine the colours running through your body as you do.


Deprogramming energy: a deep royal-blue colour that washes out dense vibrational energies from our system.


Clarity energy: a neon-electric-blue colour that enhances clarity and expands knowingness.


Healing energy: a green colour that heals wounds.


Love and truth energy: a golden colour that revitalises us with light, reminding us of who we truly are.


Step 8: Replace the grounding cord.


An important final step in the energy-healing process is to replace your old grounding cord with a fresh one, realigning and anchoring you into present time. Let all the residual energy run through you and release it down your existing cord. Then remove that cord by envisioning a rose rooted to the earth through its stem. The rose is symbolic of forgiveness and transmutes dense energy into light. Place your old grounding cord into the centre of that rose and allow it to explode over a vast ocean, sending the rose petals down to be rinsed and renewed.



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