Two quick rituals to use with your Amethyst crystal

Promoting balance and peace Amethyst is a beautifully calming stone. 

In fact, I should have grabbed my Amethyst last night when my head was FILLED with ....everything it seems. 

Amethyst will help to clear the mind, calming those daily thoughts and worries and in turn enable you to think clearly and hopefully....sleep a lot better too! 

This is why I would recommend lighting the Amethyst candle in your evenings before bed. The essential oils and the crystal combined will really help you to switch off. 




(with thanks to CRYSTAL365 written by Heather Askinoise for this ritual.) 

  1. Before you go to bed, take your Amethyst and hold it over your third eye (on the centre of your forehead). 

  2. Close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths. Visualise Amethyst's purple colour filling your mind and calming your thoughts. 

  3.  Say to your self (or in your mind) ' I am at peace' 7 times. 

  4.  Place your Amethyst on your nightstand. Continue to breathe deeply as you slowly drift off to sleep. 

*Having Amethyst by your bed has mixed reviews, so see how you get on with that, everyone is different and every crystal is different. Try it out and see how you get on! In my opinion it's all about the intention you set. So going into this ritual, you are setting the intention for a good nights sleep.




  1. Can't make a decision? Feeling indecisive? Amethyst is great for enhancing your intuition. 

  2. Grab your Amethyst crystal. 

  3. Hold it on your heart. Mentally move your brain and your thoughts down, allow it to travel into the Amethyst.

  4. Visualise your heart space growing.  This will give space for your intuition to step in and help you down the right path without over thinking too much, analysing etc. We are all guilty off that- I know I am.

  5. Sit in that heart space for as long as you need. It's pretty beautiful there. No decision can be a bad one when it comes from your heart space. 


I hope these help! Do let me know below in the comments :) 

Lots of love, Madeleine x 



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